Redwood's Technology Is Unique
Redwood develops, manufactures and markets to distributors high value, high efficiency residential roofing tiles and matching integrated solar roofing.
The Integrated Solar Slate
Is unique in that it is designed to accommodate both Crystaline and thin film technology. Photovoltaic cells are covered with glass or a polymer type film incorporated onto the molded polymer substrate. The solar tile can be any shape, a slate or an elongated shape. The tiles have a built in ventilation system to increase energy efficiency by 19% over conventional modules. This results in producing more power in the limited space on top of a roof.
Low Profile Electrical Interconnect System
A low cost built in electrical interconnect safe connect system designed to meet UL1703 and NEC standards.
Non Glass/Metal Frame Encapsulation System
New advanced solar-to-building attachment and application techniques with non-glass crystalline or and then combined with traditional building and roofing products, forms a new class of solar building products. Breaking away from traditional glass crystalline module construction, Redwood has developed a non-glass crystalline solar module.
Proprietary Barrel Reactor Design
Redwood's patented radial convergent sonic de-vulcanization system produces a polymer that is de-vulcanized. This high level of de-vulcanization is due to Redwood's proprietary barrel reactor design, The process and the resulting products comply with the Cradle to Cradle Protocol.
Financial Incentives
Governments in the USA and in EU are now providing 30% to 50% Investment tax credits. Certain areas offer Renewable Energy Payments.