Building a home without solar energy on it is as silly as building without plumbing! The Breakthrough: Redwood Renewables (Redwood) has a disruptive technology in solar roofing and recycling, lowering the cost of a solar roof by 50%. This will move the residential market over the tipping point, making a zero-energy home possible, affordable, aesthetic and desirable.

With patented advantages in process, yield and design, Redwood delivers clean, inexpensive and practically invisible solar cells integrated into roofing tiles while slashing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and pollution.

The Company's management developed material processes and new material handling concepts, designs and electrical components. Currently the pilot manufacturing company has developed a record of establishing strategic partnerships with roofing companies, material suppliers and customers.

The company's investors include one of America's roofing manufacturers. R&D operations and pilot manufacturing are located in various geographic locations in North America, and the European Union.