Manufacturer of Solar Roofing Tiles
We developed aesthetic solar roofing solutions.
Highest Excellence
Redwood incorporated high efficiency mono solar. Our conversion is among the highest.
Behind Our Concept
Redwood's Technology is Unique. Redwood develops, manufactures and markets to distributors high value, high efficiency residential tiles and solar roofing. The Integrated Solar Slate, Low Profile Electrical Interconnect System, Non Glass/Metal Frame Encapsulation System, Proprietary Barrel Reactor Design
Zero Energy Homes the Defacto Standard
National Renewal Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) announced in October 2008 SEIA San Diego event that technology exists to economically construct, retrofit and operate Zero Energy Homes (ZEH).
Redwood Renewables President, Tom Faust (left) and Dr. Michael Braungart (right)) from EPEA discussing Cradle to Cradle concepts at NUTEC Expo "Cradle 2 Cradle" in Frankfurt, Germany - November 2008.